your personal care physician

 Family medicine with a personal touch

My PCP is owned and operated by Chloe Tochtenhagen, M.D.

Dr. Tochtenhagen (tok-ten-hey-gen) was born and raised in McDonald, OH.

She received her medical degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University located in Rootstown, OH.

In 2002, she moved to Florida’s First Coast to complete her residency training with the Mayo Clinic.

In 2016, she completed her training in medical acupuncture with Harvard Medical School.

She has practiced family medicine in both the clinical and corporate settings.

Dr. Tochtenhagen is board-certified in Family Medicine


To improve primary care by reestablishing the patient-physician relationship. 


To deliver direct primary care access and medical acupuncture with a personal touch. 



-Caring for others with a servant’s heart


Personalizing care to fit your needs


Building open, honest relationships


Using best practices and achieving best results




Dr. Tochtenhagen, affectionately known as Dr. T, has been my PCP for many years. I was beyond thrilled when Dr. T started My PCP, LLC because my family and friends would mow also be able to benefit from the amazing Dr. T.


One of my biggest complaints about prior physicians is that I never felt like they listened or heard me… I have never had that problem with Dr. T! She takes the time to listen, and she really hears what you are saying. She spends time to get to know YOU as a person not just a bunch of symptoms. You will NEVER be rushed through an appointment and Dr. T will answer every single question that you have.


She is accessible, and you will never have to make a call, go through half a dozen prompts to get to the front desk only to be dumped into voicemail and hope that you get a call back. You will always communicate with Dr. T and only Dr. T – you simply cannot put a price tag on that!


Dr. T will thoughtfully and methodically map out your treatment plan and will coordinate with your specialists to ensure that each physician has all the pieces of your healthcare puzzle. If you are unfortunately ever hospitalized, Dr. T will be your advocate and will communicate and coordinate with hospital physicians – and don’t be surprised if she pops by to see you!


Over the past couple of years, my family has been faced with some serious health issues, and if it were not for Dr. T, I don’t know how we would have made it through. I strongly believe that the outcomes would have been dramatically different; we owe her a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.


Not only is Dr. T a phenomenal doctor, she is a phenomenal person, and her knowledge and compassion are unmatched; everyone should be so fortunate to have Dr. T in their corner!


Dr. Tochtenhagen is nothing less than AMAZING! My family has been with Dr. T for nearly two years now and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Beginning our relationship with Dr. T was the most amazing decision we ever made. We are quite spoiled, actually. Dr. T manages all of our medications, referrals to specialists, labs, etc. We love the access we have with Dr. T. We can talk to her any time of the day via text or FaceTime, and we don’t have to sit in a crowded waiting room full of sick people. Our appointments are always timely and we know without a doubt that she knows who we are as people – not just patients. Quote honestly, everyone should be lucky enough to have a Dr. T!!