Personalized Medical Care

Direct Primary Care

A better Approach to family medicine

My PCP is a Direct Primary Care Practice.  Direct primary care is an innovative practice design that returns the focus of medicine to the patient.

As a direct primary care practice,  My PCP does not bill insurance companies for any of our services.  This allows us to truly focus our time and attention on what really matters…our patients. 

Direct primary care is not for the rich and famous.  Direct primary care is for you. 

My PCP offers affordable care packages for your whole family.

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Have you ever wanted more from your Doctor?


Have you ever left your doctor’s office and felt confused and frustrated because there wasn’t enough time to ask your important medical questions?

Have you ever wondered if your doctor was really listening to your concerns?

Have you ever wished that you could talk to your doctor on the phone when you called the office instead of a phone tree?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then My PCP is the practice you have been looking for.  

At My PCP you are not just a number.  You are a member of the family.

My PCP Medical Services

 Direct primary care

Family Medicine

Annual Physical Exams

Well Woman Exams

Acute Illness Care

Disease Management

Sports and Camp Physicals

Health Coaching



Muscle and Joint Pain

Gynecology Disorders

Emotional Disorders

Gastrointestinal Disorders




medicinal cannabis evaluations

Consultations for consideration of medicinal cannabis treatment









I can’t imagine my life without Dr. T in it; she is part of our family. We enjoy her visits to our home because she gets to know each family member and she creates a special rapport with each of us. By caring for your whole family, Dr. T learns your family dynamic and has a unique perspective where she can offer support and advice, especially if one family member is going through an illness.

She is our “coach” for all things medical [big or small]. She manages our medications and will offer suggestions and alternatives if something is not working. She coordinates all our visits with specialists if one is needed and she will remind you when it is time for annual check-ups and tests. During several hospitalizations within our family, she has come to the hospital to visit and will speak with the doctors who are treating us!

My family is healthy and happy because we feel safe knowing our health care is in good hands with Dr. T!


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Determined to create something better than the standard assembly line family medicine practice, Dr. Chloe Tochtenhagen founded My PCP LLC.  

My PCP  returns the focus of medicine to our patients.  Fostering the patient-physician relationship is the foundation of My PCP.  

My PCP is the way medicine should be.


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